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Igenity® Profiles

Igenity Select

This option offers:

  • Total suite of traits for genomic breeding decisions;
  • Monthly parent average updates;
  • Support for AI mating programs;
  • Canadian and US Values;
  • Dairy dashboard; and
  • A2 add-on testing for an additional price.

Igenity Essential

This option offers:

  • Cost-effective genetic benchmarking tool for 1st time genomic testing;
  • 15 key traits to support for rapid culling and breeding decisions;
  • Dairy Dashboard;
  • A2 add-on testing for an additional price; and
  • Low-cost upgrade to select testing for the top genetic animals in your herd.

Igenity Basic

This option offers:

  • For cross-bred herds;
  • Easy to understand genomic reports;
  • Animal grades on a scale of 1-10; and
  • 15 unique traits (Yield, Health, Genetic Conditions).

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